The Power of Stories, the Magic of Creativity

About Margaret

have been flinging words around for most of my life, as a writer, editor, communications consultant, teacher of writing classes, and writing coach. Writing fiction is one of my true loves. Ever since I produced my first book at age five (I still have the one and only copy), I’ve been fascinated by the power of stories and the magic of creativity.

In addition to books, my writing credits include scripts for mystery weekends, short stories, feature articles and book reviews. I’ve served two terms as president of the Northern California chapter of Mystery Writers of America.

My checkered past includes stints as a bank clerk, registered agent of a foreign government, crisis hotline responder, communications director for a historic preservation organization, bookkeeper and printshop owner. Currently I work with businesses and individuals as an editorial consultant, and I teach fiction writing classes for University of California-Berkeley Extension and other venues.

I love to travel, and my writing career has given me opportunities to visit Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, England, and Italy, as well as Alaska and other U.S. places. Most days, though, I journey no farther than my desk --
and into my imagination.


Now You Know

I live within sight of San Francisco Bay (just barely).

I share my house with a photographer husband*, a cat, lots of dust bunnies, and assorted houseplants.

Favorite indulgences include black tea and dark chocolate.

I enjoy painting, music, and theater, though I don’t produce any of them.

Some friends call me Peggy, a standard nickname for Margaret. Others call me Daphne, the name of a character I played in a college theater production.

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* Photos on this site are by Charles Lucke. You can see more of his work here.